Utah Temples Tour Update

The Bountiful Temple

The Tour

I am finalizing the Utah Temples Tour. We begin on Saturday 11th. October. I will be blogging via Rickety for each of the four days if you care to follow the tour online. Those definitely going are my sons Paul, Jake, and Dan, Dan’s friend Spencer, and myself. That makes five so we have room for two more in the minivan. My wife is staying behind to help Sarah with Bryson. I have the gas budgeted and two rooms in Monticello taken care of. So there you go, most of the cost is taken care of but you will be expected to buy your own souvenirs. :)

The Details

You can get an idea of the tour by reading the posts from August and September. However there are changes that are reflected in the table below. We will visit 13 temples in 4 days, completing sessions in 11, and traveling 1,526 miles. As a bonus the Sullivan family have requested we take some of their family names with us. On checking the session times it was interesting to find that Provo and Vernal have Monday sessions. Monticello I had to call and they have sessions during the week at 10am, 12 noon, 5pm, and 7pm. What’s the deal here, do they take really long lunches? They also have no clothing rental or cafeteria so it can’t be that they are doing the laundry or cooking the food. I’m getting spoiled living by all these large temples. Anyway, it prompted Jake to go and acquire temple clothes of his own.

Utah Temples Tour
Date Temples Start Finish Miles Map Notes
Oct 11 3 Kaysville Kaysville 154 Map
Oct 14 5 Kaysville Kaysville 125 Map
Oct 15 3 Kaysville Monticello 499 Map Stay over
Oct 16 2 Monticello Kaysville 748 Map

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  1. This is a really great idea. I have always wanted to do something like this.

  2. As you probably know, we went to the first four temples on Saturday (see Saturday’s post). We had a great time and I went inside the Logan temple for the first time. Jake W went through a session in the Salt Lake tenple for the first time. There’s nothing like getting a year’s worth of temple work done in one week. :)

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