Utah Temples Tour: Jordan River, Oquirrh Mountain, Draper, Timpanogos, Provo

Jordan River Temple

Jordan River Temple

On Saturday we visited Utah’s four most northern temples. Today on Day 2 of the Utah Temples Tour, with the rickety weather behind us, was the turn of five more temples. Rising at 4am and leaving at 5am we had an addition to our number with Andrew, a friend of the family.

The Jordan River Temple

The Jordan River temple is so close to the Oquirrh Mountain temple that I got them crossed in Google Maps. After we figured out that a darkened, half built temple with scaffolding was not the Jordan River temple we looked around for a lit temple. Spencer texted Google and we got the address. We were in time for the 6:40am session. The inside of the temple seemed to me to be a super-sized Ogden temple. The celestial room was smaller compared to the cathedral-like Bountiful celestial room. Spencer ran into his aunt who was working on the temple grounds pulling out flowers that were hit with the frost.

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

Temples Under Construction

Upon leaving the Jordan River temple we went back to the Oquirrh Mountain temple for some photographs in daylight. The temple sits prominently on a hill and will been seen across the countryside when it opens. Being right off an exit of Bangerter Highway will give patrons easy access.

We headed over to the Draper temple for some more photographs. The Draper temple is half way up the mountain so it too will be visible for miles. This temple is closer to completion and will be dedicated Friday, March 20, 2009.

The Mount Timpanogos Temple

After one session at the Jordan River temple the boys were hungry so we ate in the Mount Timpanogos temple cafeteria before catching the 11:30am session. This temple is almost a carbon copy of the Bountiful temple. Only the patron entrances were different with Bountiful facing north and Timpanogos facing west. There are some second floor differences and the Timpanogos cafeteria didn’t allow substitutions. :)

The Provo Temple

A short drive took us to a 3pm session at the Provo temple. Another carbon copy, this time of the Ogden temple. We knew where this temple was with three returned missionaries in the vehicle (it is by the MTC). The temple really looks majestic with the mountains as a backdrop. A great photo taking opportunity. It was time to feed at the fast food trough so we stopped by Wendys. Once the bellies were topped up we drove for home.

Tomorrow will find us at Vernal and Monticello for Day 3 of the Utah Temples Tour.

Provo Temple: Spencer, Dan, Rick, Andrew, Paul, Jake

Provo Temple: Spencer, Dan, Rick, Andrew, Paul, Jake

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  1. It’s a good thing no one showed up in a gray suit, or any other color for that matter (I guess gray isn’t a color, but you know what I mean). Those are some good looking guys, you look like a bunch of Mormons!

  2. Looks great!!!
    Nice pictures as well and the look the faces doesn’t suggest that you had a good time, which i feel is false…

  3. Some of us are not very photogenic. We did enjoy ourselves and the temples were magnificent. Thanks for stopping by. Your website has some interesting machinery photographs, something for about anything you would want to do with a machine.

  4. i stumbled upon this while doing research on the jordan river thanks!

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