I Love to See the Temple

Last week my granddaughters Aurora and Cassandra went to the wedding of their mother’s cousin Alyse. This photograph was taken in the grounds of the Salt Lake Temple while Alyse and Adam were getting their pictures taken. 1 I love to see the temple. I’m going there someday To feel the Holy Spirit, To listen […]

Tracy Aviary in Winter

Tracy Aviary has free admission (with a $1 conservation contribution) on Winter Wednesdays through February. So I went with my grandson and other family members to see a surprising number of birds for a cold day in December. I enjoyed seeing Bryson’s reaction to the birds and also taking a few photographs (click to enlarge) […]

City Creek Canyon Trail

Yesterday found us walking along City Creek Canyon Trail. We walked up the road 2.5 miles and back again. So not many photographs.

The View From The Living Room

On Monday, for a view of the Salt Lake Valley, we hiked to The Living Room. We relaxed in sandstone chairs with armrests. There were even coffee tables we parked our feet on. The hike takes about two hours (it took us longer). It is considered easy (it isn’t). Trail length is 2.3 miles (seemed […]

Raise it Slow

Many people are adjusting to rising gas (the petroleum kind) prices. So long as prices rise relatively slowly, or at least not in big jumps overnight (I’m talking dollar increases) then a majority of us can explore alternatives like public transport, alternative fuels, telecommuting, emigrating to Saudi Arabia, and compressed work weeks.