Paul Brushes With Skippy Toothpaste

Paul has a lot of choices of toothpaste to brush his teeth.

Missionary Paul – Part 10 of 10

The card came on my birthday and the package the next day. It was really nice. My companion is doing well. He gets a little frustrated sometimes because he can’t understand anything. We have a young couple Juan and Mayra that are doing really well. Also the Relief Society president’s sister, Marcia, is really good. She will probably be baptized soon.

Missionary Paul – Part 9 of 10

It looks like this transfer will be the last in the mission office. We’ll see what happens. In the office I do lots of things: order all the supplies Books of Mormon, pass along cards, DVDs and so forth. Handle all of the referrals for the mission. If someone calls on a TV commercial for a free DVD the information comes to me and I figure out what missionaries it goes to. Enter all the baptism records into the computer and send them to Salt Lake. Keep all the computers running.

Missionary Reunion

I was happy to find out that my blog was helpful in some way this week. Follow the email narrative below to see how it happened. I have changed the name of the person contacting me and the names of the people he was trying to find. Otherwise the account is verbatim.

Missionary Paul – Part 8 of 10

I am currently serving in the cities of Concord, Clayton, Martinez, and Pleasant Hill California. Many of the Latino people here are receptive to the gospel message and the work is moving forward slowly but surely. Many of the people we meet are from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Peru. The food here is excellent. I think I like Mexican food the best. It is wonderful to be able to learn about many different countries without having to do any traveling and invite everyone to come unto Christ.

Missionary Paul – Part 7 of 10

There are about 110 to 200 people that come every week to the branch here. They all are Spanish speaking although some of the kids don’t speak Spanish very well. Si me amáis, guardad mis mandamientos.

Missionary Paul – Part 6 of 10

We went to Alcoholicos Anonimos last Thursday with one of our investigators. He is one of the big promoters of the program here. It was fun.

Missionary Paul – Part 5 of 10

It’s too bad to hear that grandpa isn’t doing well. Try not to be too sad. Photo of Wilson Rivas Sanchez

One of my little friends, Wilson, died a few weeks ago at five years old. I was there the first time their family came to church and followed their progress until the Mother and her twelve year old were baptized three months later.

Missionary Paul – Part 4 of 10

We had stake conference here this past Saturday and Sunday. Photo of Paul with convert

President Monson and Elder Eyring came to speak as well as some of the seventy. Twenty-seven stakes came to the leadership training, two stakes were invited to the Sunday session which was broadcast to all of northern California.