Will China Help Debt-Stricken Europe?

Introducing writer David Brown, a content manager with a multinational corporation. David writes on a variety of news topics with a strong focus on finance. His interests include money related issues, entertainment news, and a blog The Book Haven. The European Union might ask for Chinese help to end the ongoing debt crisis. Nicholas Sarkozy […]


Last month from January 17-23, Philadelphia became the first city in nearly 50 years to reestablish National Thrift Week. National Thrift Week was an American social movement that was begun in 1916 and continued until 1966, when it was abandoned. Apparently for many, thrift has been a forgotten virtue for the last few decades but […]

Are There More PIIGS in the Sty?

By examining the debt levels of all of the EU countries one discovers that there are more than five little PIIGS.

The Power Of Zero In Finance

I became acquainted with the power of zero early in life. The power of zero was my financial plan. Very simple really. The nearer my balance approaches zero the slower my spending. Worth repeating, in bold, italicized, and indented: The nearer my balance approaches zero the slower my spending. Zero was that grand guardian against […]

Save Money for Tough Times

There is a crunch in the American economy and times are hard now. How is it possible to survive in this financial crisis? It is about time that you start saving for the “rainy day”.

U.S. Government Debt as a Mortgage

Today imagine that Congress has a fit of sanity and manages to balance the budget. They do it through a combination of spending cuts and tax increases. The dollar strengthens and there is more money because of interest that is not needed to pay for deficits. Congress’s approval rating soars and they decide to balance […]

The Economy Is A Fragile Thing

We have witnessed in recent weeks wide and fearsome swings in the markets of the world. The economy is a fragile thing. A stumble in the economy in Jakarta or Moscow can immediately affect the entire world.

Teaching Children Financial Principles

The easiest principles to teach them would be tithes and offerings. When offerings such as for the Fast are made this is being charitable to the poor or those in temporary need.

How to Get a Life

It was suggested by one of my children that I write a post that outlines my advice to the groom who is about to be married. Here is my counsel encapsulated into one sentence: Provide physically and spiritually for your family.