Save Money for Tough Times

My guest writer is Sharon Smith.

Save money for a rainy day

Start saving for the "rainy day"

There is a crunch in the American economy and times are hard now. How is it possible to survive in this financial crisis? It is about time that you start saving for the “rainy day”.

Every family has an individual lifestyle to maintain. Here are a few tips, which can help you to save money, without compromising on the living standards.

  1. Do not waste food. Serve leftovers the next day. This will help in resisting the temptations of eating out.
  2. Tired of wearing the same old clothes? Instead of buying new ones, swap your wardrobe with close friends. This will freshen up your wardrobe to an extent.
  3. In case of errands, plan an efficient route so that all your tasks are done and you save money on gas too.
  4. Looking for some entertainment? Swap DVDs with friends or rent a movie. You can also go for a bargain matinee show.
  5. Prioritize your debts, if any. Pay off bills promptly. This will help you to maintain a positive credit score. Not paying off debts on time would hamper your credit scores. In the long run, if you ever accumulate debt, it will become difficult for you to consolidate debt with a bad credit record.
  6. Try to increase your incomes by pursuing your hobbies, or renting your garage.

There are various ways of saving money. All you need is the knowledge about what and how you are spending on. Once you know that, you will know where to cut your expenses as well. Saving money requires determination as you need to change some old habits, and also reconsideration of your priorities. Once you start saving, it is going to act as a boost. You would want your savings to grow and thus would start saving more.

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  1. flagstaff child support says

    the above mentioned points on saving money seemed good to save money.. the point no 1. see how many people in Africa re suffering from food problem why not help those by saving your extra food.. thanks this blog is a good one

  2. The crisis exists not only in the American economy. The crisis around the world.

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