Archives for February 2011

Paul Tackles Old Age

Paul seems to think my eyes aren’t able to see quite as well as when I was his age. So for his latest project he programmed a jumbo universal remote that Megan bought from Deseret Industries. It cost $1.50 because the battery cover was missing. But there is nothing that Paul can’t fix with a […]

Sledding Near Miss

There was snow on the ground so Adelaide, Sarah, the grandchildren, Jill, and I went sledding. We picked a very small hill for the grandchildren and took our cameras. Click on the images to enlarge. The videos are usually not visible in a feed reader. In the screencap below I have circled a girl in […]

Presidents on Arms

The right of the People to keep and bear arms The Second Amendment, adopted on December 15, 1791, is the part of the Bill of Rights that protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Recently the Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm, […]

Chrome’s Dead, Jim!

The page I was viewing in Chrome died today, as you can see from the message. This doesn’t happen very often and when it does, just the one page dies and not the whole browser. I like amusing error messages, it soothes the pain of a crash. For the one or two people on the […]

6 Money Tips for Married Couples

Edward Stern is a writer on earning your bachelors degree online. Marriage is a union between two people who are in love and want to share the rest of their lives together, but boy does money enter into the equation in a big way. Money issues are the #1 reason for divorce in the United […]

Bryson Visits Brigham City Temple Construction Site

Jill was in Brigham City today at the temple site. Construction continues on the north-east corner of the temple. Since Jill viewed the construction two weeks ago, the corner has risen to the same height as the other corners of the temple. Bryson, taking some refreshment, posed in front of the construction at the viewing […]

Reduce, Reform, and Restrict National Government

The Revolutionary War left many of the colonies deep in debt because of borrowing for troops and weapons. States tried to pay back these debts in Continentals, printed by the Confederation Congress, but people wanted gold and silver that had real value. Each state was printing its own money, causing disputes over what each currency […]

100 Years Ago: War, Death, and Western Pacific

The following was adapted from the Improvement Era magazine of February 1911. No More War? For the abolition of international war, Mr. Andrew Carnegie has transferred to a board of trustees, twenty-seven in number, Senator Root of New York as president, ten million dollars, in five per cent first mortgage bonds.The proceeds, five hundred thousand […]

The Book of Mormon and Scalable Vector Graphics

Your first question might be, “How are the Book of Mormon and Scalable Vector Graphics connected?” Or perhaps, “What is the Book of Mormon?” or, “What are Scalable Vector Graphics?” There are plenty of people who can tell you about the Book of Mormon, for example at or any of these people. Scalable Vector […]