Chrome’s Dead, Jim!

Chrome is dead, Jim!
The page I was viewing in Chrome died today, as you can see from the message. This doesn’t happen very often and when it does, just the one page dies and not the whole browser. I like amusing error messages, it soothes the pain of a crash.

For the one or two people on the Internet who don’t know who Jim is or who said, “He’s Dead, Jim!” watch the video or click on the error message.

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  1. The video is funny.

  2. Very funny indeed! This happened to me the other day and I just laughed it off but I didn’t realize that this was a Star Trek reference.


  3. Good to see this is just google’s sense of humor. When it happened to me today, I thought it was a crazy virus as the page came up and then my whole computer restarted!

  4. Chome’s dead, Jim. But Firefox is still alive.

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