Windstorm Preparations

Windstorm preparations

A long line into the sewer district. There is another line visible further to the east. Click to enlarge

In preparation for the approaching storm, scenes like these were repeated all along the Wasatch Front. There were temporary waste collection sites at LDS Church stake centers and at other locations. After helping in our ward, Dan and I drove through several streets in central Kaysville and found hundreds of people and dozens of trailers being loaded. It was an impressive sight.

Windstorm preparations

Follow a laden trailer if you don't know where to go

Windstorm preparations

Because men were driving the pickups, directions were provided without having to ask

Windstorm preparations

Though the line was long we didn't have to wait long

Windstorm preparations


Windstorm preparations

Even minivans were drafted into service

Windstorm preparations

The line as we drove for the exit

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Davis County Windstorm Cleanup

Davis County windstorm cleanup

Working on the roof Saturday with my four sons

Yesterday we only had two hours before dark on Steven’s roof. After helping pull out two tree stumps at our neighbor’s homes, we headed back to Layton to finish the repairs to the roof. We nailed the last shingle by 4pm.
Davis County windstorm cleanup

Steven with his roof, good as new. The new shingles don't quite match but they will keep the rain out

Earlier in the day it seemed like the whole of Davis County was on the move. While driving to Layton we saw truck after truck filled with broken tree limbs. The line to the landfill, or rather the Green Waste Recycling Facility, was quite long.
Davis County windstorm cleanup

A common sight all day along Highway 89

Davis County windstorm cleanup

Notice the truck on the left carrying what looks like power cables, no doubt needed for repairs

Davis County windstorm cleanup

Several trucks headed for the Green Waste Recycling Facility

Davis County windstorm cleanup

As we headed towards the landfill there was a convoy of vehicles leaving, having shed their loads

Davis County windstorm cleanup

A long line at the landfill entrance

Mark Reporting from Bountiful

Our power was out from 8am until 2am the next morning. Luckily the temperature was in the low 30s during the day and low 20s at night. We have experienced other East winds when it was below zero. I spent much of the day [Thursday] on my ham radio with emergency responders in the area, sharing information and keeping up to date on what was happening.

It was a good opportunity to test out emergency preparedness plans / equipment. Serious enough to warrant their use, but not life threatening. The Davis County Amateur Radio Emergency Service was the main communication system for cities, police departments, hospitals and other emergency responders. These are hobbyists volunteering their equipment and skills and they did a fantastic job. At one point one of the Centerville Emergency Communications Center responders was heard on the radio saying:

A big spruce fell on a neighbor’s house about 20 minutes ago. The whole neighborhood is there cutting it up right now. I love this community. In some places in this country, we would still be waiting for FEMA!

Davis County windstorm cleanup

Connie surveying the damage in Bountiful

Davis County windstorm cleanup

A dead tree in the cemetery

Davis County windstorm cleanup

This tree was snapped off at the truck

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Early Voting in Davis County, Utah

Standing by an early voting line outside the Layton Library.

For the information on voting in the current elections go to Vote.Utah.Gov.

I am accustomed to voting early. The process is not at all rickety and is rather simple. A few days ago I went to Leave Your Print to find a list of the times and locations where I could vote early. Here are all the remaining times left to early vote in Davis County:

Bountiful Library, 725 South Main, Bountiful
Friday, Oct. 24, 7:00am – 11:00am
Saturday, Oct. 25, 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Monday, Oct. 27, 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Tuesday, Oct. 28-30, 3:00pm – 8:00pm
Friday, Oct. 31, 10:00am – 5:00pm

Davis County Courthouse, 28 East State Street #107, Farmington
Tuesday, Oct. 21-24, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Monday, Oct. 27-30, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Friday, Oct. 31, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

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Antelope Island Balloon Stampede

Antelope Island State Park website
Today my wife and I drove the 21 miles to Antelope Island to watch balloons. However, a rickety wind of 18 knots dictated that no hot air balloons would launch. We were told the wind had to be 8 knots or lower before there is lift off. When we arrived there was only one balloon that had not been packed away. So we traveled further south to the Garr Ranch and then back to look at the visitors center. After lunch with the Wards we left the island. Maybe next year.

There are also some photographs at the official Antelope Balloons website.

Too windy to lift off.
Balloon Basket.

There are plenty of bison on the island, around 600. The Davis County Causeway is a 7.25 mile earthen dike and roadway leading from the mainland to Antelope Island. The original causeway, constructed in 1969 by the State of Utah, was washed out frequently by heavy wave action in the early 70’s but was raised slightly and reopened each time. By 1985 the causeway was completely under water due to the relentless rise of the lake.
As the lake began to recede in the late 80’s the causeway reemerged. It was in poor condition and needed extensive work. Davis County officials together with State Parks personnel lobbied the Utah State Legislature in 1990 for funding to rebuild the causeway so that Antelope Island State Park could again be opened to the public. Eventually the legislature agreed to give the causeway to Davis County along with $4 million for rebuilding and repairs. Another $500,000 was appropriated in 1992 and the County rebuild the causeway in 1993 for a total cost of $5 million. Davis County charges a $2 per vehicle toll (included in your entrance fee) on the causeway to help pay for ongoing maintenance costs and to set aside a fund to deal with possible future damage should the lake rise again. For more information see Things To Do.

Antelope Island bison.
The Davis County Causeway as seen from Antelope Island.

We ate our picnic lunch in an enclosure at the Antelope Island beach. And yes it has sand, I seem to recall it was trucked in. Left to right: Rick, Connie, Jill, Melissa, Susan, Shauna, Kent, and Byron. It was disappointing to have missed the balloons but the food soon cured that. Maybe next year I will take a ride in one and get some really interesting photographs. Speaking of interesting photographs, check out these pioneer solar panels at the Garr Ranch.
Eating lunch at Antelope Island beach
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