Brigham City Peach Days

Peach Days banner.
Jill, Sarah, and I traveled to Brigham City yesterday for Peach Days. We were joined by Kent, Susan, Connie, Mark, Byron, and Robert. Peach days takes place the weekend after Labor day weekend. Much of the main street in the city is closed off to cars, and the festival is celebrated by a parade, a car show, a carnival, and other activities including the famous “Scuba Burger” which many Peach Day goers enjoy. In the parade were rickety fire engines no longer in service, clowns, horse and carriages, bands, floats, beauty queens, Star Wars characters, bandits, old cars, farm equipment, unicyclers, and even pioneers pulling a handcart. I was having difficult with the sun shining into my camera so I crossed the street and put it behind me. During the parade some bandits fired their guns astride their horses which made a baby in the crowd cry. The parade lasted two hours, which is the longest parade I have ever watched.

A local plumber advertises his skills.

Cherry Days Royalty.

After the parade we went to the vendor area on 2nd West and bought lunch. We sat under the shade on some chairs provided by Mark’s dad and ate our food. We walked around all the booths but didn’t buy anything. There sure were a lot of people, in places it was hard to get around. Some mothers had strollers as big as eighteen wheelers which in places slowed foot traffic to a crawl. These stroller owners will have to be wary of the UTA that will want a stroller congestion tax. I came across a tank that you could go inside. The Army was out in force and a tank or howitzer or whatever it was is a good draw to help with recruitment.

I was requested in the comments a few days ago to give out more of my opinion so I will comply. What did I think of Peach Days? The main attraction for me is the parade. Recently several parades I have attended have not had very many floats which to me is the heart of a parade. Peach Days was the same, not very many floats. It takes a lot of time and effort to put one together so that is not surprising. I know when my sons helped to build a mammoth they spent a great deal of time in the construction. I believe I contributed some spare wood for the frame — it takes a mammoth amount of wood to build a hairy elephant. The parade was too long — two hours — and people were leaving before the end. I like the marching bands and any floats. Also any military hardware and anything with horses.

The rest of Peach Days I don’t care for. There is nothing in the booths I am interested in except the food. It is just glorified shopping. It was enjoyable to see others having fun so it is worth the trip for that. The young people were especially enjoying the carnival. It was great to be out in the sunshine with my family.

Peach Days Carnival

Peach Days Carnival

Rick by the tank

Rick by the tank

Jill enjoys her food in the shade

Jill enjoys her food in the shade

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Past Pictures: A Double Blessing

Ray with son David (left) and Rick with son Jacob

The picture quality is not that great. It is a scan of a photograph from twenty-one years ago. My brother is on the left with his son David and I am holding my son Jacob. My wife Jill and sister-in-law Susan were both pregnant and due in the same month. We all liked the name of David so we agreed that whichever child was born first would take the name David. Susan’s baby came prematurely and so we chose Jacob to be our son’s name.

The photograph was taken shortly after we arrived home from the baby blessing at Church. That is why David and Jacob are dressed in white. Though Ray is not a member of the Church I asked him if he would like me to bless David along with Jacob.

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Wallpaper Change

Paul overheard Jill say that she wanted to change the wallpaper on the stairs. So Paul started ripping it off. When Mike and Christopher arrived, Christopher joined Daniel and Paul, along with Sean Huggins and Tyler Stout (not shown) in the project.