Missionary Dan Email from the MTC #8

I know that He has restored His truth again. It is the Book of Mormon. I know anyone that reads it will feel God’s love and get answers to any concerns or challenges they face. I promise that anyone who seeks out to know Christ and seek to know Him will find out.

Missionary Dan Email from the MTC #7

David A. Bednar came yesterday night. He brought his youngest son who is married. They all spoke to us. I enjoyed everything his daughter-in-law and son said.

Missionary Dan Email from the MTC #6

It is cold here in Provo, but we rarely are outside. My cold weather things are coming in handy. We’ve heard some cool stories about how cold Mongolia is. When you’re outside and you breathe your breath will freeze and turn into ice crystals. Then the sun shines through it and it sparkles. The sun is always up usually in the winter but its freezing. Very cold -30 degrees F. Its exciting though!

Missionary Dan Email from the MTC #5

I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season. It is really amazing here. We have Christmas lights and many things to remind us of Christ. I’ve learned a lot about my Savior here. I strive to follow his perfect example.

Missionary Dan Email from the MTC #4

The Missionary Training Center is truly amazing! I am really enjoying my time here. Spencer Anderson came yesterday and I was able to talk to him for awhile. That was fun. Also yesterday I had a great experience in the Referral Center.

Missionary Dan Email from the MTC #3

Yes, I’ve taught in Mongolian. Like I said before the Mongolians have special permission to teach early since the only resources to talk to Mongolians would be our teachers. But with teaching in Mongolian we get the chance to talk to others. Clay Frandsen came last Friday.

Missionary Dan Email from the MTC #2

I am doing great! I am loving being a missionary. We always get a General Authority to come on Sunday and most Tuesdays too. Last Sunday Elder Holland spoke to us. He was very passionate and spoke from his heart.

Missionary Dan Email from the MTC #1

The computers are really handy. They are just in the laundry room so on Thursday, my pday, we do laundry and write email.

Daniel Enters The Missionary Training Center

We took Daniel to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) today. All the family came along so we needed two vehicles. Daniel had his parents, siblings, in-laws, and nephew to say good-bye to him at the MTC. Well, Bryson didn’t say anything, he was asleep.