Motor Trend Auto Show

On Monday I stopped by Motor Trend’s Auto Show in Sandy. My sons Paul and Jake wanted to see it so I went along. In the time I was there, I wasn’t approached once by any salespeople (a positive) and I was able to check out a lot of new autos. I was interested in […]

CNG Station in Kaysville

This evening I heard via Twitter that there was a new CNG station opening today in Kaysville, located at 80 North 600 West, between the UTA Park and Ride and the Davis County Technical Center. The official opening celebration is planned for 2012 but you can fill up now. Paul and I drove over to […]

How to Save Money on Gas

My guest writer is Robert Lobitz of Performance Chips Direct. There is nothing more fun than taking a leisurely drive and enjoying the exploration and excitement that comes with a new location. The trouble is, increasing costs have limited not just what people want to do, but also what they are actually able to do. […]

Paul Straightens Out His Jeep

Paul slid on some ice on a mountain trail two weeks and wrecked his Jeep. Now it is time for repairs.

Work On The Jeep Is Winding Down

The odometer is driven by a small unipolar stepper motor. The motor is so small it can be driven directly by the Arduino using the example code found here at Arduino.

Are You Really Driving On The Cheap?

Are you really driving on the cheap? That’s the question an owner of a NGV may be asked occasionally. The only monetary disavantage of a NGV is the initial cost which can be alleviated by buying used

Driving On The Cheap

How much cheaper is this Civic for me to drive? Well this is Utah and this Civic is a Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV). With Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) at a subsidized 93 cents GGE throughout the state I really am driving on the cheap.

Utah Gas Tax Hike Possible

State officials in Utah are looking at a tax increase to pay for transportation projects. Instead of a set 24.5 cents per gallon Utahns would pay a percentage of the price at the pump.

FrontRunner versus Legacy

FrontRunner made a slight dent in congestion by removing a small percentage of the traffic from the 140,000 daily car trips along I-15. Legacy Parkway cleared I-15 congestion on its first weekday in operation.