Paul Straightens Out His Jeep

This little Jeep tale is best told in photos and video.

Damage to Jeep from sliding on ice

Paul slid on some ice on a mountain trail two weeks ago

Removing the Jeep grill

Today Paul straightened out his Jeep. Daniel removes the grill

Floor jack and chain

This contraption will pull the bumper free that is tangled in the body

A chain is attached to the Jeep bumper

A chain is attached to the bumper

Floor jack up a tree

A floor jack is attached to our tree

Video: Freeing The Bumper

Video: Removing The Bumper

Bumper is removed from Jeep

Once the bumper is removed the body can be pulled clear of the wheel

Freeing the Jeep body from the wheel

The chain is attached to the body

Video: Freeing The Wheel

Jeep Wreck

Now don’t you weep
Over your Jeep.
In just a day or two
It will be good as new.
Beep, beep. Beep beep!

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