A Changed Woman

Jill looks the same but really is a changed woman. See if you can find the differences between the photographs. There is another difference puzzle at There Are Differences Between Us. Spoiler Alert — don’t read the comments until after you find the differences.

There Are Differences Between Us

These photographs have some real differences to reconcile.

Caption Competition #8 Winner

Mark is this week’s caption winner.

Caption Competition #8

Usually the prize is limited to Kaysville and environs but this time it is open to all. The prize is a One Hundred Trillion Dollar banknote.

Caption Competition #7 Winner

Thank you everybody for the especially great captions. The first prize is a Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut 3.5 oz milk chocolate bar. Melissa is this week’s caption winner.

Caption Competition #7

This photograph of Bryson was taken in March at the Fort Worth Zoo. I know it’s a jungle out there but don’t be timid — jump right in and see if your caption can captivate us.

Caption Competition #6 Winner

Sarah picked the winners of Caption Competition #6. Connie took first place.

Caption Competition #6

I took this photograph in March at The Aquarium at Moody Gardens on Galveston Island, Texas. Amidst all the fish tanks and displays was this cage so my daughter Sarah agreed to create my next caption.

Caption Competition #5 Winner

Judge Jake agreed to pick the winner of Caption Competition #5. Thank you all for the excellent captions.