A Changed Woman

Jill looks the same but really is a changed woman. See if you can find the differences between the photographs. There is another difference puzzle at There Are Differences Between Us.

Spoiler Alert — don’t read the comments until after you find the differences.

Jill Differences

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  1. I was told by Sharon that this was more difficult than my last one. To help I will tell you that there are 10 differences to find.

  2. Are we supposed to post the answers if we have them all?

    (right photo)
    Extra tree in the sunglasses.
    Missing button at the bottom.
    Extra stripe in the shirt (the part near the right side of the strap around her waist).
    Shadows are different on the left side of the lit part of the shirt.
    Stone over the shoulder on the left is a different color. (Above her right shoulder).
    Plastic clip missing on the strap.
    The crack in the cement is darker.
    Extra pole in the fence.
    2nd stone down under the third arch stone from the capstone is a different color.
    Little piece of hair added above the eye on the left (Above her right eye).

  3. Good grief! Even with the answers I still can’t see some of them. Like the extra stripe in the shirt? The shadows? The 2nd stone down? Wow.

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