Caption Competition #5 Winner


When she takes a break from caption writing, Shauna is tracking the weather.

Judge Jake agreed to pick the winner of Caption Competition #5. Thank you all for the excellent captions. As you know the first prize is an imported 51 gram Fry’s Turkish Delight bar. Because we received funds last week from monies allocated by The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, we were able to purchase two more Turkish Delights to award as second and third place prizes. However, our Recovery fund expenditures did not create any new jobs.

Shauna is this week’s caption winner.

  • First — “My buddy Atlas (Greek God) wants me to take over holding the world for him when he goes on vacation, so I just thought I would get some practising in.” Shauna
  • Second — “Paul was told he could only take one rock home with him, now you know why the sandbox is gone…” Sean
  • Third — “Come help me push this rock down the hill.” Tyler

Shauna watches the weather at Weather Wonderful.
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