Caption Competition #6

Sarah behind bars

Sarah behind bars at The Aquarium at Moody Gardens

I took this photograph in March at The Aquarium at Moody Gardens on Galveston Island, Texas. Amidst all the fish tanks and displays was this cage so my daughter Sarah agreed to create my next caption. This picture will be easier to write a caption for than the last competition so go ahead and stun us with your creativity and wit.

Rachel holding NASA chocolate

Rachel holding NASA chocolate bars

The first prize (Kaysville and environs only) is a Johnson Space Center 3oz almond milk chocolate bar. The motto “Failure is not an option” is printed on the wrapper along with the famous NASA logo. Second prize is a smaller milk chocolate bar with the image of the space shuttle blasting off into space. A sight that you now will only see on chocolate bars and old newsreels.

For the judging I will ask my readers to vote on one or more of the captions written for this Caption Competition #6. Those writing captions can also vote. And yes, you can vote for your own caption though all the world will know you absolutely have zero social skills.

Even if you are not local we will be totally spaced out to hear from you. However, we cannot mail prizes because importing this space age chocolate from Texas brought our budget crashing to earth.
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  1. Sarah is in the time out room at the Moody Gardens. Apparently the lobsters weren’t for eating.

  2. A Willoughby, A Moss and A Texan walk into a bar…

  3. Are you sure there are no pickles in prison? I just wanted a pickle.

  4. I don’t understand. I had my fishing license with me. It’s not fair!

  5. Michele Wilson says

    Visiting my brothers, so sad….

  6. But I thought the coupon said “buy one, take one free.”

  7. Okay, Bryson… I promise… no more veggies. Can I come out now?

  8. Don’t you love me anymore?

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