Caption Competition #8

Sarah at Fort Worth Zoo

Sarah at Fort Worth Zoo

This photograph of Sarah was taken in April at the Fort Worth Zoo.  You are invited to write a caption for the photograph.

Usually the prize is limited to Kaysville and environs but this time it is open to all. The prize is a One Hundred Trillion Dollar banknote. It is not worth anything except that to hold it is very worrying when you realize that your own currency could also end up hyperinflated. Especially with government borrowing at record levels. This 2008 uncirculated Zimbabwe banknote was part of the annual inflation rate of 89,700,000,000,000,000,000,000%.

Rachel holding Zimbabwe banknote

Rachel holding Zimbabwe banknote

When you submit your caption include your email in the comment form. That way I can contact the winner for their address to mail the banknote. If you are reading my Facebook page, click on “View Original Post” to come on over to my blog. If I cannot obtain your address the prize will go to the second place winner.

Only myself and the judge are not eligible to win. Sharpen your keyboards and good luck with your captions. One hundred trillion dollars awaits you. Rachel not included.
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  1. This is the last place I expected to find any worms…

  2. Sarah, when was the last time you washed your hair? I think you missed something.

  3. Bryson! Check out my new hair clip! It’s all natural. I need to pick up some food for it though…

  4. When Sarah went blind and deaf, instead of reverting to the Tactile Rochester Method to facilitate communication, she instead went with an Interpretive Cockatiel.

  5. There is something wrong with my eyes…I keep seeing numbers.

  6. Hey Percy…over here! There’s plenty of Texas lice for everyone.

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