Kaysville City Police Station Bond

On the Kaysville November ballot is a Special Bond Election for authorization to issue $4.5 million in general obligation bonds. The cost is estimated to be a yearly $32.97, or $2.75 a month, on a $258,000 residence. Currently Kaysville has no general obligation bond debt though there are long term liabilities. The police, as I […]

Kaysville City — Utah’s Hometown

The next time you are in downtown Kaysville take a look at the street banners. They read “Kaysville City,” “Utah’s Hometown.” I will tell you what they are for.

Kaysville City Fire Station Openhouse

An Intermountain Life Flight helicopter landed on the road to the rear of the station and some of the children got to climb inside. I was surprised how strong the wind was from the rotors as the helicopter landed.

Sprawled Out

It has been asked, what are the problems with sprawl? There seems to be a lot of benefit from it and the suburban neighborhoods in which we live are quite desirable. What are the problems associated with our current pattern of growth?