Kaysville City — Utah’s Hometown

The next time you are in downtown Kaysville take a look at the street banners. They read “Kaysville City,” “Utah’s Hometown.” Sandwiched here between the two banner photographs are the two originals (click to enlarge). Mayor Steve Hiatt saw the photographs in my 2008 Kaysville 4th July Parade blog post and asked if he could use them. I was happy to oblige.

So what are these banners for? I will explain in the following paragraphs spaced among the photographs.

Brett Gee of Forthgear has been hired by Kaysville City to help the City develop a brand, particularly as it relates to marketing potential commercial enterprises. Gee explained that the City should set a strategy and marketing efforts to enhance the tax base. Forthgear looks at what makes each entity unique. He stated that Kaysville needs to decide what they want to do to remain viable in the expansion of its commercial base.

Kaysville City Utah's Hometown street banner

Gee says that if the City does not brand itself, it will happen on its own. He believes that affordable housing is critically important to the City which is predominantly white and LDS. The City has a higher household income than the rest of the state, the City is almost 50/50 male/female, and that the median age in the City is 24. The City needs to decide what story they want to tell. He stated that taxes will need to be increased to accomplish this goal.

Kaysville 4th Parade Flag

Forthgear has gathered and analyzed data for Kaysville City. A good brand understands the City’s strengths and weaknesses. Gee believes that there are things that make Kaysville unique. Forthgear isolated some of those variables that make the City stand alone.

Kaysville 4th DHS Band

The brand positioning for Kaysville states that Kaysville City serves their citizens, both residents and businesses, and that Kaysville provides the opportunity for a lifestyle steeped in the traditional American spirit. He explained that Kaysville City is centralized in the county and northern Utah and is uniquely situated in the middle of everything. It is accessible to Ogden and Salt Lake City, is located between the Wasatch mountains and the Great Salt Lake, two important recreational areas in the state, and is bordered by two major traffic arteries, I-15 and Highway 89, both connected by one large, easily traveled east/west street, 200 North. Accessibility into the city is a significant benefit to Kaysville businesses and commercial enterprises. He believes that this is a marketable trait.

Kaysville City Utah's Hometown street banner

The theme for Kaysville that is being recommended is “Utah’s Hometown.” Gee stated that a good brand creates emotion. At the June 1, 2010 Kaysville City Council Meeting he presented a copy of the new City logo, theme, letterhead, banners, website, business cards, etc. which showcased the new brand image.


Kaysville City Council Meeting minutes
19 January 2010 — Regular meeting
2 March 2010 — 5pm Special meeting
1 June 2010 — Regular meeting
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