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Missionary Dan Email #25 from Vancouver, Washington

We continue to work hard and the area is doing very well. We found several new people to teach and a few investigators we’ve been teaching came to church for the first time.

Give Your Tree A New Look Videos

Steven visited yesterday evening and with his brothers gave my tree a new look.

Give Your Tree A New Look

The women were safely occupied with General Relief Society Meeting so we wouldn’t be disturbed for two hours.

Patsy’s Mine Hike: Part 2

On Friday we hiked to Patsy’s Mine in the mountains above Farmington.

Patsy’s Mine Hike: Part 1

Yesterday we went to Patsy’s Mine above Farmington. It can be a pleasant hike — if you don’t get lost in the undergrowth, don’t have a heart attack on the steep rise, and don’t bang your head on the mine roof.

Paulelbel’s Canon

Below is a one minute video of someone many of us know who is teaching himself piano. Can you guess who it is? The identity of the musician is revealed at the end of the video. The title to this post also gives you a clue. The arrangement was purchased for $1 from the Jon […]

Missionary Dan Email #24 from Vancouver, Washington

So after talking to President, I decided to accept his invitation to extend my mission for 30 days.

A Collection of Videos

Because most everyone enjoys watching video over reading plain text, I decided it would be useful to collect all the videos in one place.

Deuel Creek North and South and Centerville Canyon

On Friday Susan, Melissa, Jill and I took a pleasant hike up Centerville Canyon. We parked the car on the dirt road by the Deuel Creek North trailhead and ended up walking to the Deuel Creek South trailhead. So we began by following the south trail for about one mile to the junction of the […]