Give Your Tree A New Look Videos

Steven visited yesterday evening and with his brothers gave my tree a new look. We made three short videos so that you can see how it was done. Slash and Drag would be a good name for the process. The first video shows Steven and Jake Slashing. Next we have me Dragging the branches away for later disposal. Lastly Jake (he really likes to pan) illustrates on film our handiwork, ready for Jill to see in all its glory.

If you cannot see the videos, click here.

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  1. You guys did a good job. And I’m pretty sure Aurora ate a twig in the last movie. Maybe she’s part beaver.

  2. You need to get some tree tar and tar those little stumps. That’ll keep bugs from eating them.

  3. Hey guys, I just came across these videos and they’re actually pretty helpful! It’s alot better than just reading a bunch of how-to’s.

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