Archives for May 2010

A Can of Seeds

I purchased a can of non–hybrid garden seeds. They are a good item to store for a time when seeds may be hard to obtain or become very expensive.

Unloading the U-Haul and Loading Up on Pizza

Derek and Sarah arrived Saturday afternoon and both their families moved quickly to help unload.

Green Jell-O Pineapple Rings

Paul spends a portion of his time constructing arc-welders from microwaves and making green Jell-O treats. Jell-O pineapple rings are easy to make: Empty juice from a can of pineapple rings. Mix the Jell-O (use green if you live in Utah), substituting juice for water. Use the can as a mold, moving the pineapple rings around to […]

A Kaysville City Annoyance

There are some annoyances in life that are minor enough to be ignored. They don’t bother me at all unless I am reminded of them, and even then I forget about them quickly. One such annoyance is my Kaysville City Utilities Service Bill.

Bryson Returns to Utah

Just to put Sarah’s mind at ease I am showing these photographs and videos of Bryson playing in the driveway and rolling his truck into the street.

Missionary Dan Email #7 from Vancouver, Washington

We had a great work week, finished off with two investigators coming to church. One stayed for the full three hours and she had a lesson on the Priesthood in Relief Society. Probably the best place for her to hear about it.

Reception in Honor of Jacob and Brittney

Jill and I and the boys went to Jake and Britt’s reception at the Main Street Chapel. Their wedding was last week.

Father’s Day Comes Early

This year Father’s Day came early. No, I’ve not moved to Romania, Tonga, or Germany (they all celebrate Father’s Day in May). It is just that Paul and Jake decided to move up Father’s Day a whole month.

Japanese LDS Membership 1930 to 2009

A chart showing the growth of the Church in Japan. The membership numbers were gathered from 36 years of Deseret News Church Almanacs.