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Missionary Dan Email #3 from Hermiston, Oregon

We found another family that recently moved in. They were really receptive and open minded during the lesson. They especially liked how we focus on youth and taking care of their needs.

15 Resplendent Temple Flower Photographs

Lo! in the desert the flowers are springing; Streams, ever copious, are gliding along. Loud from the mountaintops echoes are ringing; Wastes rise in verdure and mingle in song. Jake took photographs of the many flowers on the temple grounds while on our recent California Temple Trip. The weather was very agreeable for man and bloom. […]

15 Beautiful Temple Flower Photographs

Jake was busy in the temple grounds photographing the flowers. I don’t know the names of these many blooms, just the temples where they were nurtured.

Reno Nevada Temple

The first temple in Nevada was built in Las Vegas in 1989. The Reno Nevada temple was dedicated in 2000. It serves over 25,000 Latter-day Saints in the area.

Sacramento California Temple

The First Presidency of the Church announced on April 21, 2001 that a temple would be built in the Sacramento area. This temple is the seventh built by the Church in California, more than any state except Utah.

Los Angeles California Temple

We visited the Los Angeles California Temple on Day Three of our California Temple Trip. It was closed on the day we visited. Later that day we went to the Fresno Temple. After Fresno we journeyed to Oakland to stay overnight, ready to visit the Oakland Temple the next day. Click on the images to […]

Newport Beach California Temple

When Karl Quilter designed his version of Moroni, he eliminated the plates and then spent a great deal of time making sure the left arm hung in the proper position—not too rigid, not too limp, but showing slight forward movement.

San Diego California Temple

Moroni of the San Diego California temple reflects off a nearby office building window.

Oakland California Temple

Thursday was Day Four of our California Temple Trip with Jake and I attending the first session of the day at 7 am at the Oakland Temple. It was overcast when we arrived but the rain had stopped.