San Diego California Temple

San Diego California Temple

We visited the San Diego California Temple on Day Two of our California Temple Trip. We first went to the Las Vegas Temple, then to the Redlands Temple. After leaving San Diego we went to the Newport Beach Temple to finish our day.

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San Diego California Temple

The San Diego California Temple is the 47th constructed and 45th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

San Diego California Temple

One of the towers is above the celestial room and the interior of the tower can be seen all the way to the top, giving the celestial room a very tall and magnificent vaulted ceiling. The celestial room also has a balcony where one can sit.

San Diego California Temple

Jake by the patron entrance

Located near the La Jolla community of San Diego, it was built with two main spires, but unique to this temple are four smaller spires at the base of each main spire. The East spire is topped with the familiar Angel Moroni statue which adorns most LDS temples.

San Diego California Temple

The exterior finish is marble chips in stucco giving the building a white glow. Just off Interstate 5, the temple is a major landmark when traveling the highway to or from San Diego. The temple is brightly illuminated making it even more noticeable at night.

San Diego California Temple

All Moroni figures are gilded, or covered with gold. The process involves rubbing thin sheets of gold onto the figure’s surface. Today that process usually only takes a couple of days, but once the figure is gilded, it must be handled with gloved hands to avoid marring the delicate surface. (New Era)

The San Diego Temple was announced on April 7, 1984, and dedicated on April 30, 1993 by Gordon B. Hinckley.

San Diego California Temple

Moroni's reflection in a nearby office building

The temple was built on a 7.2-acre plot, has 4 ordinance rooms and 8 sealing rooms, and has a total floor area of 72,000 square feet.

San Diego California Temple

San Diego California Temple

Rick and Jake outside the temple

Photos by Rickety. Text from Wikipedia.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    what with the statue of gold a bit Idolatrous ? love seeing the white building though a change of color is al ways nice.

    • The statues of the Angel Moroni on temples are not solid gold but merely copper or fiberglass covered in gold leaf. Moroni holds a horn to symbolize the spreading of the gospel and the Second Coming of the Savior which will be announced by angels sounding trumpets. Statues of Moroni are not worshiped or idolized.

  2. Why show this idolatrous, cultic building as part of SD?? It’s just a tiny part of what SD is. There are more people here not associated with a cult. Just be satisfied you got the property and not shove your ways down others throats.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is a bummer you feel that way, however; no matter one’s faith, I think everyone can agree this is a beautiful building and since it is just off of I-5 it is hard to miss. P.s. Kay, nobody is making you come on this site and post your personal feelings of discontent. ;)

  3. Sven Uyleman says:

    To all those who do not believe and want to TRULY (void of ego or pride) find the truth about if the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. All you have to do is ask the God as Joseph Smith did. He was unsure about what religion to join, and one day while reading the Bible, he read this is in James chapter 1 verse 5: “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him”

    This is not something just for Joseph Smith or a very few select folks, it’s for everyone!! I just ask, when you pray to Heavenly father, please, please pray with humble heart and sincere intent to know the truth of righteous things.
    He wants us, ALL OF US to come unto him, but he will not force us. He wants us to come of our own free will and strong desire to find peace and a way to come live with him again.
    Here are some great places to start: or
    both are great sites, but may be better if you want some answers.

    Remember to read, ponder, pray everyday as not to stray. :-)

    Sven Uyleman
    Queen Creek, Az

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