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Updated LDS Church Membership Statistics

The three biggest increases came from the United States (100,633), Brazil (41,403), and Mexico (36,343). Canada had the biggest loss with -502. The largest LDS populations by percentage are in Tonga (45%), Samoa (31%), and American Samoa (22.5%).

Mongolian Moments #4

Comic strip featuring Daniel dealing with Mongolian food.

Missionary Dan Email #5 from Choibalsan, Mongolia

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. All the missionaries went to Elder and Sister Anderson’s house to the dinner. They are the couple that is assigned to our area. We had chicken instead of turkey.

Giving Thanks The Pilgrims Left

Occasionally I am asked if we have Thanksgiving in England. My stock answer is always is the same: We do have Thanksgiving in England. We give thanks those annoying pilgrims left.

Mongolian Moments #3

Comic strip featuring Daniel learning Mongolian but then leaving only for Atlanta. He did eventually arrive in Mongolia once he procured his visa.

Driving On The Cheap

How much cheaper is this Civic for me to drive? Well this is Utah and this Civic is a Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV). With Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) at a subsidized 93 cents GGE throughout the state I really am driving on the cheap.

Missionary Dan Email #4 from Choibalsan, Mongolia

The church is closed for another two weeks. So yesterday we took the sacrament around to all the members. We basically followed the same route as last week. It went by really fast and was still a good opportunity.

Preparing A Missionary

“I hope they call me on a mission, when I have shrunk an inch or two. I hope by then I will be ready to teach and preach and work as missionaries do.” — Jill

Testing Your 72 Hour Kit MREs

One area of preparedness we have neglected over the years is our 72 hour kits. We only have one full kit for one person. As I want to be able to take the kit with me in an emergency I decided long ago that it needed to be based on MREs (Meals Ready to Eat).