Archives for November 2008

Baby Bryson Is Blessed

Today we headed over to the Kaysville 12th. Ward for Bryson’s blessing. Bryson’s relatives were there in large numbers on this happy day.

Utah Gas Tax Hike Possible

State officials in Utah are looking at a tax increase to pay for transportation projects. Instead of a set 24.5 cents per gallon Utahns would pay a percentage of the price at the pump.

Missionary Dan Email from the MTC #3

Yes, I’ve taught in Mongolian. Like I said before the Mongolians have special permission to teach early since the only resources to talk to Mongolians would be our teachers. But with teaching in Mongolian we get the chance to talk to others. Clay Frandsen came last Friday.

Thanksgiving 2008 in Perry

Thanksgiving this year was at my brother-in-law Randy’s home in Perry, Utah. Steven brought an extra turkey to fry. He heated the peanut oil to 350 degrees. When the breast of the turkey reached 170 degrees it was done. It was cooked perfectly. Last year it was burnt.

How To Recognize Propaganda

Transfer is a device by which the propagandist carries over the authority, sanction, and prestige of something we respect and revere to something he would have us accept. If the propagandist succeeds in getting church or nation to approve a campaign in behalf of some program, he thereby transfers its authority, sanction, and prestige to that program.

Mormon Time Magazine Covers

“Our whole objective,” says Hinckley, “is to make bad men good and good men better, to improve people, to give them an understanding of their godly inheritance and of what they may become.” And he intends to do it globally.

And The Moon Into Blood

Of course there are more items we can add to the list as we search through the scriptures. But what is the most important thing to remember in all of this? “That whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered.” It seems to me to be that simple. One may ask, “Will not the wicked therefore call upon the Lord?”

The Scarlet Pimpernel at Davis High

The “League of the Scarlet Pimpernel”, made up of 19 English aristocrats, are rescuing their French counterparts from execution. The Scarlet Pimpernel, their leader, takes his nickname from the drawing of a small red flower with which he signs his messages.

Missionary Dan Email from the MTC #2

I am doing great! I am loving being a missionary. We always get a General Authority to come on Sunday and most Tuesdays too. Last Sunday Elder Holland spoke to us. He was very passionate and spoke from his heart.