The Ten Most Popular Posts of 2010

Merged photos

Merged photographs from #1, #3, and #9 listed posts

Around the blogosphere I have noticed that a few bloggers have published their top ten posts of 2010. For example, consider the Harvard Business Review, Parents as Teachers, and the Washington Area Women’s Foundation. I decided my top ten list could be just as interesting — or boring.

In 2010 Rickety received 56,309 visits from 168 countries, generating 99,368 pageviews. Of my 248 posts published in 2010, these were the ten most popular:

  1. 12 Beautiful Mongolian Landscape Photographs
  2. United States Total Fertility Rate Increases (#1 in 2009)
  3. World Total Fertility Rate Declines
  4. Bank Rewards Checking (#4 in 2009)
  5. Ten Artists Paint Old Testament Women
  6. Mongolia (#2 in 2009)
  7. Build an Arc Welder from Microwave Ovens (#7 in 2009)
  8. Defense Spending by Country (#5 in 2009)
  9. Updated LDS Church Membership Statistics
  10. Build an Arc Welder from Microwave Ovens: Part 2

Judging by the above list you would think my blog was about Mongolia, fertility, and arc welders with a little finance and religion thrown in. Well it is — with the addition of posts about my family and a pinch of politics.

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  1. Mongolia made the list twice. Alright!

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