Waterfall Canyon Trail

To access Waterfall Canyon, begin at the 29th Street trail head and take the trail to the left at the shelter and follow the sign. This is a moderately difficult trail with some scrambling for hikers and bikers.

Hardly anyone works on a Friday, including me, so yesterday I went on the Waterfall Canyon hike with family. Left to right below is Connie (niece), Jill (wife), Adelaide (daughter-in-law), Steven (son), Aurora (granddaughter), Susan (sister-in-law), Shauna (niece), and Rick (myself). Click on a person’s head and a photograph from the hike will appear. I had no suitable photos of Susan so hers is from a recent Parrish Canyon hike.


Watch the expression on the face of Steven (the one carrying the baby). If you ever get a decent photograph of him you should win a prize.

Adelaide secures Aurora for Steven to carry.

Now you know why your water tastes icky.

These hikers can tackle anything.


The rocks were not nearly so bad as it seems from this video.

A bridge over the raging torrent below.

We didn’t take the shortcut. Maybe next time.

At The Top…

It wasn’t a long hike, just under an hour. The day was not too hot so the walking was pleasant.

Aurora and Adelaide at the waterfall.

Aurora and Jill at the waterfall.

The top of the waterfall.

The waterfall at mid-stream.

View from the base of the waterfall.

A hardy group of explorers.

Photo Credits

Adelaide, Jill, Rick, and Steven.
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  1. Very nice. Utah is a great place to hike. I have not yet posted my photos from 2 trips their in the last 2 years on my Curious Cat Travels site. But hopefully will get some of them up later this year: Zion National Park, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park…

  2. That was a great hike! I like the way you documented it. You got some great pictures of the waterfall!

  3. John,
    Let me know when you post your photographs of Utah so I can see them.

  4. Adalaide,
    That was a good hike for the old people, not too long. You got some very fine photos yourself.

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