Megan and Paul

We were sitting in the living room when Dan came in and asked Paul if he wanted to go hike to get an old shovel they had found months ago. Paul said that was a good idea and I reluctantly went along, giving them reasons why I didn’t think it was a good idea. We […]

Jake Executes A Flawless Inverse Proposal

The short version: The wedding is on Wednesday 15th December 2010. The detailed version: The proposal was kept top secret. No-one knew. Steven helped to figure the ring size from photographs by counting pixels. So he knew that a proposal was coming but he didn’t know when. Jake explained to me in an exclusive interview for Rickety […]

This Is What 30 Years Of Marriage Looks Like

The time has flown by and in the process we have produced five children and they in turn have given us three grandchildren — so far.

Greg and Mandy

They will be married in the Salt Lake Temple tomorrow and have another reception in Honeyville.