Daniel Bearing Gifts From Afar

Daniel brought back from Mongolian some traditional garb gifts. He allowed us to try on these Christmas presents ahead of time. First up is Daniel wearing a deel that appears similar to a caftan. Deels in blue, olive, or burgundy, made from cotton, silk, or brocade, reach to the wearers knees and fan out at […]

Farewell Mongolia

We had a dinner and testimony meeting with the missionaries on the night of their departure. We celebrated the wonderful work they did in Mongolia. They put on a happy face.

Daniel Prepares To Leave Mongolia

Daniel arrived in Ulaanbataar after a 13 hour drive. He leaves for Korea tomorrow. Here are three of the people being baptized this Saturday. Left to right: Baatarsvkh, Daniel, Thogtbayar, and Bayarcaikhan.

Missionary Dan Is Kicked Out Of Mongolia

I was in complete shock hearing the news last night. Since we hit our year mark in the country 3 days ago I thought I had a solid 9 months left to work hard. It has been quite the challenge to have to accept I’m very likely leaving in a week.

Missionary Dan Email #17 from Choibalsan, Mongolia

Daniel (left) and companion wearing SpongeBob Square Pants candy rings sent for Valentines Day.

Missionary Dan Email #16 from Choibalsan, Mongolia

The holiday is great. We’ve been visiting members etc. It has been lots of fun. So far my stomach has handled the increase of meat intake. Some of the buuz tasted really great.

Church is Helping with the Mongolian Dzud

Money has been contributed to government programs to help deliver food, clothing, medicine, candles, fuel and hygiene items for herder families. With other government programs meat has been purchased and heating systems repaired.

Missionary Dan Email #15 from Choibalsan, Mongolia

The people prepare by making a lot of buuz. By a lot I mean some of them make 5,000 or so. Most people though I think make around 1,000 to 2,000. That is so much! Then during the holiday everyone one says, “Eat buuz, eat eat eat.”

Missionary Dan Email #14 from Choibalsan, Mongolia

The picture below with all the youth is from a question and answer competition they had. They asked questions about church doctrine and things. The winners were recently baptized members (within the last month), and another who had been a member a little over a year. Thats cool.