Missionary Dan Email #16 from Choibalsan, Mongolia

Daniel in a ger

Elder Willoughby (left) and Elder Odbayar in a ger visiting with the grandson of a family

The holiday is great. We’ve been visiting members etc. It has been lots of fun. So far my stomach has handled the increase of meat intake. Some of the buuz tasted really great. I’m tied with Elder Naisbitt with 30. We have the rest of the week to go.

So this week’s work was really slow. Everyone was busy. We spent our time doing service helping others prepare for the holiday. I got better at making buuz. I still need to learn how to make them better though. We had some taco seasoned buuz at the couple’s house. Those were the absolute best buuz I’ve ever had. We also had interviews over the phone with President Andersen. That was great. I also like talking with him. I think I’ll be staying here through the next transfer.

Congrats to Jake. That GRE test score looks amazing. Keep up the great work. The birthday party looked like it was lots of fun as well. Happy birthday Aurora!

Good job on the weight loss too. I’ve gained about 10 kg so I’m sitting around 83 kg right now. Which is about 180 pounds or so. It is crazy because I have no idea where the 10 kg came from. When you look at me you can’t see where it went either. Oh well, must be the cow stomach eh?

This week we’ll just enjoy the holiday meeting with people. I was surprised to find the internet open. My release date is November 17 because Mom wanted to know. You can ask Sister Andersen if you want to.

Alright we’d better get going. Thanks for all the great emails. They always are really fun to read.

My companion would like some boxing gloves. It is impossible to find them here and the ones that are here are no good. His hand from his palm to his fingers is 20 cm. I told him that we could get him some. He’d like ones that are very hard. It’d be good to search up on the Internet for the best kind. He’ll use them for practice on the punching bag and for competitions. Preferably ones like they use in the Olympics, red or blue color is fine with him. I think a reasonable price range would be $30 to $70, but make sure they are good. He was friends with the Mongolian Boxing Olympian who got Mongolia’s first Gold medal. He trained well with him and will continue after his mission. I will pay for it gladly; just take it out of my account. Thanks.

Love, Elder Willoughby.

P.S. Sorry once again for forgetting my memory card reader. I’ll be sure to send some of the best pictures next week.

Photograph from …Couple Things… blog: The Ger – Another Family, Part 2

Presented have been portions of an email from Elder Daniel Willoughby serving in the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission. If you want to communicate with Daniel, write in the comments or use one of these addresses.
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