Missionary Jake – Part 6 of 10

Our mission broke a record of baptisms in the mission (500 something). Our zone broke the record of baptisms in a zone (101). This month we are going to break it again (120). We have a great zone leader with true vision and faith. The rest of the zones have a hard time with 30 baptisms.

My Faith continued

I wrote to the Bishop of the Macclesfield Ward and asked him about the Church and that I wanted to know more. He replied to my letter, inviting me to travel to Macclesfield and meet with the missionaries.


Today Daniel was ordained an elder. This was done by those with priesthood authority to lay their hands on his head and receive this ordinance.

Missionary Paul – Part 9 of 10

It looks like this transfer will be the last in the mission office. We’ll see what happens. In the office I do lots of things: order all the supplies Books of Mormon, pass along cards, DVDs and so forth. Handle all of the referrals for the mission. If someone calls on a TV commercial for a free DVD the information comes to me and I figure out what missionaries it goes to. Enter all the baptism records into the computer and send them to Salt Lake. Keep all the computers running.

Missionary Paul – Part 7 of 10

There are about 110 to 200 people that come every week to the branch here. They all are Spanish speaking although some of the kids don’t speak Spanish very well. Si me amáis, guardad mis mandamientos.

Missionary Paul – Part 3 of 10

This week it was a little cold in the chapel when we got there. I didn’t think much of it and went to Sunday school. A few minutes later my companion called me out and we went to the heater room. He says to me, “We’ve got to get the some heat in that chapel before everyone leaves.” The chapel was 57 degrees.