Planning the California Temple Trip

Next week is spring break and time for another temple trip like the Utah Temples Tour I did in 2008. Just my son Jake and I will be going this time. There are seven temples in California and in visiting those we can also take in the two Nevada temples.

California Should Promptly Balance Its Budget

As for California, both Repuplicans and Democrats are right. There should be deep cuts and tax hikes. Get on with it so the good people of California can go about their business.

Yes on Proposition 8 Response to Lawsuit

Most people know that the right to amend California’s Constitution is not granted to the People, it is reserved by the People. The People’s exercise of their sovereign power has reversed an interpretation of their Constitution through the initiative-amendment process.

A Banner Story

The story behind the banners I display on my rickety blog. All the photographs were taking either by my wife or myself and if you click on the banners in the post you will see the photographs from which they were derived.