Wyoming Abraham Lincoln Monument

On my way east on I-80 last week, between Cheyenne and Laramie, I came across the Wyoming Abraham Lincoln Monument. It originally stood at Sherman Summit, 8,878 feet above sea level, the highest point along the old coast-to-coast Lincoln Highway.

Sam Houston On Government

In March I was travelling along I-45 when I saw Sam Houston, larger than life. His statue, near Huntsville, Texas, towers 67 feet in a clearing by the freeway. On the base of the statue I spied a plaque inscribed thus: The great misfortune is that a notion obtains with those in power that the […]

California Should Promptly Balance Its Budget

As for California, both Repuplicans and Democrats are right. There should be deep cuts and tax hikes. Get on with it so the good people of California can go about their business.

Patrick Henry Caucus Supports Lawsuit Against Feds

The Patrick Henry Caucus is calling on the leaders from all States to join in the effort to file a lawsuit against the federal government in order to stop the federal health care bill. The Patrick Henry Caucus says the national health care bill is unconstitutional on two counts.

If Utah Was A Country

If Utah was a country it would have a GDP of $105.7 billion. This would place Utah above Qatar’s GDP of $102.3 billion but below 32 other states and 55 other nations.