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Missionary Dan Email #14 from Choibalsan, Mongolia

The picture below with all the youth is from a question and answer competition they had. They asked questions about church doctrine and things. The winners were recently baptized members (within the last month), and another who had been a member a little over a year. Thats cool.

Missionary Dan Email #13 from Choibalsan, Mongolia

This week I started teaching at a new location. It is called The Extra Ordinary Peoples or something like that. The name is really fitting for who they were. I think their job is fire fighting.

Caption Competition #3

Test your caption writing skills on this photograph of Steven and Adelaide eating corn.

Senate Western Caucus Announced by Bennett and Hatch

One of the aims of the Senate Western Caucus is to thwart the anti-oil agenda of the Washington elite and their extreme environmentalist allies, while at the same time promoting alternative energy.

West Bountiful City Independence Day Parade

Last year I went with family to watch the West Bountiful City Independence Parade. The theme was Our Heritage Past and Present. There were 60 entries but it didn’t take very long for the parade to pass by.

ClearPlay, Movies, and the Academy Awards

ClearPlay is a special DVD player that enables your family to enjoy all of the great Hollywood movies you’ve always wanted to watch — without all of the junk you don’t want.

Mongolian Moments #11

Comic strip featuring the number of Mormons in Mongolia.

Missionary Dan Email #12 from Choibalsan, Mongolia

This week wasn’t quite the adventure week like last one. I got a snap shot of my frozen eye lash. It really isn’t as cold as it looks like. Well maybe it is, I can’t tell because my body has adjusted to the cold.

Four Simple Ideas For Keeping A Daily Journal

Keeping a short journal makes it easy to start a daily habit of writing. Even with simple entries, insights into past events allows you to see progress and receive strength.