Caption Competition #3

Steven and Adelaide eating corn
There are a lot of possibilities for funny captions whenever there is a photograph of Steven. Here Steven is at his parents’ home for Sunday dinner with his wife Adelaide. Submit your captions and I will update this post with the winning lines.

Jill holding sweetearts

First prize are Sweetheart Cookies, beautiful model not included

The first prize (Kaysville and environs only) was going to be a big bar of Hershey’s chocolate. But that got ate. Jill came up with a one pound bag of Stauffer’s Sweethearts Cookies as the prize. Just in time for Valentines Day.

Caption Competition #2 Winners

As judges, mine and Jill’s captions were excluded from the competiton. Thank you all for the funny captions.

The first place winner, Ken, I do believe is not local so the prize passes to the second place caption. However, Derek, who lives in Texas is not local either so the prize goes to the third place entry. And Darrell is definitely local — he lives in the same ward as I do.

First — “Grandad, I don’t want to frighten you but there’s a Giant Shredded Wheat right behind you.” Ken
Second — “You stole the Thin Mints?!” Derek
Third — “Grandpa, I can’t believe how bad our outfits clash!” Darrell
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  1. Honey, I just found out we are having triplets.

  2. You’re telling me that corn is healthy for me?! Pass the bacon bits.

  3. his parent’s home => his parents’ home

  4. Jason Stout says

    Adelaide: “How do you like my new Tabasco-Habanera-Worchestershire Sauce corn on the cob, Steve?”

  5. And that’s when Steven found out what Soylent Corn on the Cob was made out of…

  6. Me: “Oh. So when you said ‘Delete the files for backup’ what you meant was I just needed to clean up my files before the backup ran? My bad!”

    Seven minutes earlier: “I found the coolest command – it deletes a whole folder as if it never existed. I thought it sounded way more fun than deleting each individual file.”

  7. Oh how I adore you!

  8. Adelaide: Remember to save room for the 5 course dessert.

  9. Adelaide: Did you realize that corn is made of wax?

  10. Hey Steven, where did you leave Aurora?

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