Proposition 8 and the LDS Church

Yes on 8 yardsign.

A Challenge

The latest challenge to traditional marriage is from Jonathan Lewis, a political activist and entrepreneur from Ohio, who has challenged Hollywood to donate to fight Proposition 8. Lewis said in a statement:

With Election Day five weeks away, we are concerned that the entertainment industry hasn’t stepped up to the plate to fight this unnecessary initiative. My family and I are issuing a $500,000 challenge to the entertainment industry. We will match the next half-million dollars that entertainment industry leaders contribute.

Meanwhile Ron Prentice, Chairman of Protest Marriage, says:

Our powerful first ad, featuring San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsroom, has been viewed tens of thousands of times online, and has helped raise nearly $200,000 from our online supporters. Please watch the ad and keep the momentum going by sending a message to Proposition 8’s Hollywood opponents.

Protect Marriage Fund Raising

Since July 1st. the Yes on 8 campaign has raised about $22.8 million as of Tuesday 7th October. More than 62,000 Californians have contributed their financial support to pass Proposition 8. About two-thirds of all donations received have been $100 or less. Ninety-five percent of all donations have come from within California. The latest YES on Proposition 8 campaign finance report was over 5,000 pages, so large that the office of the California Secretary of State needed extra time to load the report onto their Web site.

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