Brigham City Utah Temple Construction

Brigham City Temple site

Jill across the street from the Brigham City Utah Temple site

Jill was in Brigham City yesterday and took these photographs for me of the Brigham City Temple construction.

Work is continuing through the winter and we have visible progress from the last time I posted photographs of the temple construction.

Brigham City Temple construction

Brigham City Utah Temple construction
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  1. They work on this in the pouring rain or snowstorm. Very dedicated to the work. It is fun to see the progress that is being made each week.

  2. Thanks for posting picture updates of the progress. It’s the only way I get to see them and it’s cool to see the work moving along. I think there was only one pillar up at the end of December.

  3. Pat Cowley says

    I wasn’t aware of your website until today and want to thank you for taking the time to share photos and information about the Brigham City Temple.

    • My wife Jill normally takes the photographs, usually once every two weeks, sometimes every week. I put the best of them into a post. Jill was born in Brigham City and attended the elementary school that is now the temple site.

  4. You should see it now in June. They put the front spire on this week and are now working on the back one. The walls are up. The angel Moroni is going up sometime this summer. The temple is so beautiful!

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