There is Plenty of Sound in an Empty Barrel: Part 5

Causey Rafters

My son Steven went with the crew of the Good Raft Paul to photograph the launch at Causey Reservoir. Now I don’t know what the raft was named, or if indeed it had a name, but I will refer to it as Paul for now (not to be confused with Paul the captain). Steven reports:

It was already dark when we launched so we didn’t have much of a chance to take pictures. I suspect you’ll be able to get some better photos from those that stayed up there. The vessel floated very well, as expected.

I will add any more photographs to this post as they become available. Stay logged on.

Causey Rafters

Causey Rafters
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  1. The third picture where we are all gathered around the fire is a great shot and indicative of the spirit that accompanied the adventure.

    • I like that one. I have your photos. They are in the editing room. However, the editor is going to go eat and then play with his grandson. Free labor is not very reliable.

  2. Hi, what size of wood did you use ? How big is raft?

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