Meet Mormons at the new website
I wrote recently about the new and the inclusion of 1,000 profiles of Mormons. Each profile is a collection of stories and testimonies from Mormons. Profiles of members just like you and me. In my case it turns out that I do indeed have my profile for all to see in the “Meet Mormons” section. I looked through many of the profiles to see if I recognized anyone but they were all strangers to me.

My profile was not edited in any way and I was permitted to place a link to my blog and Facebook page with my profile.

The site is meant to introduce the Church to the world. Questions are answered, accurate information is given, and the opportunity is provided to learn more. The “Our People” page introduces its readers to Mormons who tell their own stories about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed their lives. “Our Values” highlights some of the cultural priorities of Mormons, such as strong families, service and good citizenship. Core doctrines that underpin Mormons beliefs are in the “Our Faith” section.

What do you think about having personal stories about your faith online? Do you have your profile on If so, post the link so we can read your story.


It turns out that there is one person I know on Meet Mormons: Marc Lee Meet Mormons section


  1. Marc Lee says


    I saw your profile. Thanks for sharing. I’m on there too but I don’t have the story you have. You’re a great example of what member/missionary work is likely to be in the future. See you in church.

    • Thank you also for sharing. Here is Marc’s story. I think yours is a great story. Everybody’s is.

      During stake conference I particularly like to hear your views on the Internet. Your observation a few years back that the Internet is just a tool and it can be used for good or evil was one of the few times I had heard that over the pulpit. It is heard more often now, for which I am grateful.

  2. Monte Gerald Berrett 11 says

    I was babtized in the 60 got sealed to the only woman I ever felt loved me and I her. Cmplications and we went different ways was lost for numerous years. Got my sences back in 1999 started going to church on a regular basis, Paying a full tithing. Also trying to live the way our redeamer would approve of . For the past (10) years I have had the most peacefull and abundance of all that the lord has to offer.
    My cup runith over in more ways than there is room to tell. I don’t claim to be a saint but I am working at being one. I belive in The Articals of Faith and the (10) comandments keeping them both in mind at
    what ever I am doing There at least two Books that I think are written with guidance from a heavenly being (1) the Bible B= Basic I =instructions B=befor L= leaving E= earth and the Book of Mormon. they
    have all one needs to know to be a saint …and a good person I am and will be till there is no more time . A Member of the Church of Jesus Christ *** I AM A MORMON

    • Yes, being a member of the Church and learning about Christ and His commandments has helped me so much in raising a family.

    • Mr. Berrett, I am working on some family genealogy for my brother who was born Keith Berrett and I am needing some help. If you were once married to Joey Jean would you please email me at

    • Theresa M Poulsen (Berrett) says

      Hi Monte,

      If this is you then you know who is writing to you. I am not sure how many Monte Gerald Berretts there can be in this world but if it is you then you are my father.
      Would like to know how you are and say Hi.

      If this is you then the woman you spoke of is Jackie and she is alive and well and still quite healthy and working too.

      email me and let me know if I have the correct Monte.

    • Theresa M Poulsen (Berrett) says

      Sorry I forgot to send my email.

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