Free Scrap Metal — NOT!

KSL Free Scrap Metal ad
This classified ad offering free scrap metal appeared in today with my cell phone number listed. This is how the ad was worded:

I have some heavy scrap meta [sic] that I need to give away asap. please come and pick it up call for address. First come First service no holds. Thanks!

At first I assumed the callers had the wrong number (which they did). After the calls kept coming I asked the callers who they wanted. Of course they wanted “V”, the person with the free scrap metal. For a moment I thought it was maybe one of Paul’s many projects, like his microwaves to arc welder undertaking.

Eventually one of the callers mentioned KSL so I searched their classifieds for “free metal”. I found the ad and clicked on the handy big red “Report Abuse” button. A few hours later, and after receiving several more calls, the ad was taken off the air. I’m glad KSL got it ironed out.

I bet you won’t hear about this on the KSL Channel 5 Eye Witness News at 10 in HD.


The irony in all this is that I have earned AdSense revenue from this post.
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  1. Wow, I wonder if it was a type-o on the part of the poster or if someone purposely put up a phone number that wasn’t theirs.

  2. I collect scrap metal as a hobby, and you have no idea how fierce the competition is when ads like this get posted on classified sites. You get call backs within seconds.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if somebody did this to you as revenge for something.

  3. “V” is literally for Vendetta. It is another name for Guy Fawkes who was in charge of the explosives in the failed assassination attempt against King James I of England and VI of Scotland by a group of provincial English Catholics. This attack was called the Gun Powder Plot of 1605, of which Robert Catesby is given credit for leading. More about the Gun Powder Plot of 1605: [Provided link no longer live]

  4. For people that are givingaway free scrap metal

  5. i dont have a job and have kids to feed if u have any metal i can get or any side jobs i could do i would be more that thankfull please email me


  7. kyle tyson says

    Do u steel have the scrap

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