Planning the California Temple Trip

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Next week is spring break and time for another temple trip like the Utah Temples Tour I did in 2008. Just my son Jake and I will be going this time. There are seven temples in California and in visiting those we can also take in the two Nevada temples.


The Reno temple would have been first on our¬†itinerary but the first session on Tuesday doesn’t start until 4 pm. That doesn’t work if you want to use Monday afternoon and evening for travel from Kaysville and then get an early Tuesday morning session. The alternative is to travel on Monday to the Las Vegas temple and attend the 5:30 am. session.


Las Vegas temple it is. We will then use the rest of the day to stop at the first of the California temples. Redlands, San Diego and if time permits the Newport Beach temple.


If we didn’t attend a session at the Newport Beach temple on Tuesday we can start today with a 7 am. session. The Los Angeles temple is closed so that will be a photography only stop. Next is Fresno and Oakland.


This last day takes us to Sacramento and Reno and then home.

I hope to post some photographs of the temples we visit while on the road. If not I will catch up with my blogging when I get home.


All went as planned until Wednesday. We didn’t reach Oakland until late so on Thursday we needed to visit the last three temples, Oakland, Sacramento, and Reno. It was nightfall when we exited the Reno Temple and so we stayed over in Reno. This increased the time of the trip to five days, Monday to Friday. We drove over 2,000 miles.

Here are the links to the posts of each temple in the order we visited:

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Reno Nevada Temple
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  1. Awesome Trip! Sounds great!

  2. Thanks for posting this, and illustrating it for the visual laerners out there. I read and watched Cutts’ post yesterday, but you guys really laid it out there. Thanks!

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