Brigham City Utah Temple Artist’s Conception

Brigham City Utah Temple Artist's Conception

Brigham City Utah Temple Artist's Conception

While eating dinner at Lone Star Steakhouse last night with family and friends we wondered what the new Brigham City temple will look like. One of the party suggested that we create our own artist’s conception and post it on the blog. I received in my email today the results you see above.

The term artist is applied loosely here — very loosely. It may be wise not to reveal the identity of this budding Greg Olsen. Not to be picky but the temple is facing the wrong way. Isn’t it supposed to face the Brigham City tabernacle? It appears that the temple will have a very small steeple but perhaps it is that way so as to fit in the photograph. I am glad that there will be an Angel Moroni but to be almost as tall as the steeple — that is a lot of gold leaf.

Perhaps to save on the cost the original parking lot from a prior development is to be left intact. But that won’t accommodate many patrons unless only sealings are performed. It is nice that there will be some trees planted but the electrical boxes will have to go. The temple looks like it will have an exterior of stucco. I don’t recall that material being used before. The many large windows indicate that more natural light than usual will be utilized. The box shape will help with energy efficiency. Or maybe it symbolizes Box Elder. Who knows what was on this artist’s mind?

We all appreciate (in varying degrees, mostly small) the efforts of our artist but if you have something better please send it in and I will post it.


  1. I think the artist is very clever to have included the correct placement of the tree and building shadows. And this could be the back if you rotate the statue 90 degrees to the left.

    • Those black spots on the ground appeared at first to be where the grass had died. You are right, this artist is very clever to be using shading so well. But maybe he didn’t have a dirt brown in his palette?

  2. Hey there, I just thought you’d like to know that your blog’s layout is all messed up in Avant (browser) for some reason. You might want to check out your HTML code. -Philip

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