Kaysville Independence Day Parade

Yesterday we watched the Kaysville / Fruit Heights Independence Day Parade. The weather was perfect, so cool. There were ominous dark clouds overhead but they didn’t rain on our parade. Just before the parade started four F-16s from Hill Air Force Base flew low overhead to loud applause from the large crowd.

Three of my children, Sarah, Paul, and Jake, were in the Davis High marching band when they attended high school. Also my niece Shauna and son-in-law Derek.

If you didn’t see the parade here are a few photographs of what we experienced.

Davis County Sheriff Officer

Davis County Sheriff Officer.

A Picture of the Past wagon

A Picture of the Past wagon. This is my favorite of the parade.

Family at the parade

Front: Adelaide, Steven, Paul, Shauna. Middle: Cheryl, Ashton, Susan, Kent. Rear: Melissa, Aurora, Jill, Connie, Mark.

Jill and Aurora

Jill and Aurora.

Help Rescue America Declaration

Help Rescue America Declaration of Liberty.

LDS Business College float

LDS Business College float.

Davis County Sheriff’s Posse Queen and First Princess.

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