Missionary Dan Email #5 from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Presented here are portions of Elder Daniel Willoughby’s fifth email from the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission.

Daniel when he first arrived in Ulaanbaatar
Elder Daniel Willoughby in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Thanks family for all the great things you sent me. I really enjoyed the pictures. Looks like you are staying busy. Thanks Dad for the great example you were to me. I love you. Thanks Mom for always telling me what’s happening. It is always fun to get updates. Thanks for teaching me how to clean. Could you send me some recipes, maybe?

I’m going to start cooking more. This week was very busy. English class was great. My class are all about 16. They all stand up when I come in and I say, “Sit.” :) They show good respect. The Lord blessed me with an idea to get them involved and they were speaking a lot of English. This next week I have been given three more classes. Some I think will be older, college students. I’ll get to plan my lessons some time today. It’s very busy, it’s wonderful. I am learning so quickly and so much. I’m going to learn as I go along and trust in the Lord.

The Mongolians are very kind and considerate. The Lord has blessed Altangerel and I so much. We have witnessed His wonderful work go on this week at a rapid pace. I will try to express the great things that have happened this week. The Lord has truly blessed me. We were able to receive many referrals this week through talking to people on the street. The Mongolians are very receptive to the Message and I am almost every time blessed with someone who will listen to me every time.

We were able to visit two less actives. Batgerel said he would quit smoking tomorrow after he felt the Holy Ghost. Xerlen, his brother is the Assistant to the President. The spirit gave me the words to say and this Sunday he came back to church and received a calling. The branch has made so many improvements. The sacrament meeting was so quiet that people all around turned off their cell phones because they didn’t want to disturb the peaceful feeling. I could not stop smiling and I still constantly do. It is the best feeling when we’re worthy to have the Holy Ghost in our companionship. We had three investigators come to church by simply calling them. Mongoh Od I think ran to church because he was out of breath when I talked to him. He is a great investigator. Purebbat came with his two children and contributed to the lesson. During priesthood meeting, the branch president was asking questions like, “Does the Elder’s Quorum secretary need to have the Melchizedek priesthood?” They are all so willing to improve the branch and it was this week that the Lord did marvelous works for them. The branch is now holding weekly activities.

Altangerel and Daniel at church.
Altangerel and Daniel at church

Many Mongolians are doing great things. I am very happy to have watched the Lord use me as His instrument. He knows exactly what people need to hear. He has spoken fluent Mongolian to many to where they are astonished. I know that it was the Holy Ghost and the Lord using our companionship. I was able to go on an exchange with my district leader Saturday. He taught me some great ways to plan lessons. We also were blessed with the opportunity to meet with the branch president where Elder Wright was able to teach him everything he had prepared for the transfer in one meeting. The Holy Ghost was there and made the time very effective. I am constantly given words to say that spark their interest. I am humbled by such a great blessing it is when the Lord uses me.

To Jake: Thank you so much for the thoughts. I wrote it down and will reflect on it. I have seen that when I have faith the Lord does amazing things. He first tests our faith, then if we remain faithful through the trials, light always follows. Great blessings. He lives, I know he does and this is God’s work. I have no doubt of what He can do for His children that He loves.

To Kelsey: Happy birthday this Friday! I sent a letter, I have no idea how long it will take. Keep smiling and working as best you can. Kelsey, you have great talent and will be so wonderful. Enjoy your getting older. :)

Love, Elder Willoughby

If anyone wishes to ask Daniel a question or to send him a message, write it in the comments and I will make sure he receives it.

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