Utah Legislators Learn About Falcon Hill

Falcon Hill Ground Breaking

Falcon Hill October Groundbreaking. Photo credit: James Arrowood.

I work at Hill Air Force Base so I was interested to read about a presentation made to the Utah Legislature recently concerning Falcon Hill. This involves the construction of the largest Enhanced Use Lease project in the history of the Department of the Air Force. It officially began October 10, 2008 with a ground breaking ceremony held at the Hill Aerospace Museum.

I follow the blog of Becky Edwards, the incoming representative for Utah House District 20. She uses her site as a way to be communicative and accessible to her constituents. A recent post stated:

There was a great presentation to the legislators from Davis, Weber, and Cache counties from Falcon Hill, the National Aerospace Research Park at Hill Air Force Base. This is an exciting project with a tremendous economic growth potential for northern Davis County. In a nutshell it is an office park and high-technology research site, which will include hotel, restaurant and retail space. This project is estimated to eventually bring around 15,000 jobs to Davis County. An example of the type of job creation is the new Combat Search and Rescue (CSARX) program that will mean 1,250 military jobs with 6,250 additional supporting jobs for the mission, with a timeframe of 2013. The average salary of the supporting jobs for this project is $100K, an income 75% above the current state average. This really is an exciting one of a kind public-private collaborative effort that will benefit our area for years to come.

Falcon Hill National Aerospace Research Park is one of the first Enhanced Use Lease projects to reach the development phase.
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  1. Phillip Shaw says

    Nice Article!
    I’m looking for contractors who have won bids for the phase one of the Falcon Hill Research Park.
    I am a plumbing forman and would like to work on this project.
    Any leads would be helpful.

  2. Phil,
    I’m not involved at all in the construction. With this big of a project I am sure that news will get out for needed workers. Best of luck.

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