Snowing in Kaysville

Snowing at my home.

This morning the snow is falling faster than I can clear it.

Here is the somewhat rickety forecast for the week:

Another storm will arrive Monday afternoon into Tuesday. A third storm will brush southern Utah on Wednesday, with the next significant storm arriving here along the Wasatch Front and in Northern Utah around Friday.

As always, here in Utah we are grateful for the snow and the water it brings. I’m also glad I won’t have to contend with a storm Monday morning. With the snow falling and the tree decorated it really feels like Christmas. Now if I could just get my gift buying wrapped up I could really enjoy the season.
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  1. Wow, that is a lot of snow. Here in sunny South Florida, we are at a warm 75 degrees with sun.

    Want to come visit ? =)

  2. Right after I took the photograph I went inside. When I came out 90 minutes later there was another 3 to 4 inches. It would be nice to be in Florida but by March all this snow will be gone anyway.

  3. I live in the South of China. I have never seen snow like that in my life. It is amazing weather for skiing, isn’t it?

  4. It’s not really that much snow, it was just coming down really fast that day. Yes, skiing is popular here, seeing as Utah has “the greatest snow on earth.” I see you make solar panels. With President elect Obama soon in power, solar panels will no doubt become very popular.

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