Utah Temples Tour: Logan, Ogden, Bountiful, Salt Lake

Spencer, Jake, and Daniel relaxing on the way to the Ogden Temple

Spencer, Jake, and Daniel relaxing on the way to the Ogden Temple

Logan Temple

After a lot of talk and a little bit of planning the Utah Temples Tour actually got underway today. I rose at 4am, showered, and then awoke Paul, Jake, and Daniel. We stopped by to get Spencer a few minutes after 5am and headed for the Logan Temple. Now the neat thing about an early morning session is that you can’t miss the temple in the dark. It is on a hill and well lit. Which is just as well because we went past our turn. But no worries, we knew right away. We entered the waiting room just as the 6:30am session was due to start. When we left the temple I took photographs around the temple grounds. There was a cold wind blowing as a storm moved in. The boys are hungry after a session — this is a really curious phenomenon — even though they are sitting 98% of the time. We were going to eat at Burger King but Paul complained, “They don’t have sausage egg McMuffins!” We ended up at McDonald’s.

The angel Moroni atop the Ogden Temple

The angel Moroni atop the Ogden Temple

Ogden Temple

We headed out to the Ogden Temple to catch the 10:40am session. Jill called to say she would meet us there. Jill being with me at the temple reminded me of over 28 years ago when we were married for time and eternity in the Ogden Temple. The ceremony was short and simple but the result was very powerful. Knowing that you are bound to each other forever makes you try a little harder in your marriage. You are also more likely to be open to be guided by correct principles. Anyway, back to today. Either our session started early or the session that we ran into started late. As we neared the end of our session we had to wait ten minutes for another session to finish. That must have really made the boys hungry.

Bountiful Temple

Next it was the Bountiful Temple for the five of us. Jill left to take care of the grocery shopping — it is nice to have someone responsible in the family. We hoped to get some photographs but by the time of our 2pm session it was snowing. After the session of course it was time to eat. We ate at the temple cafeteria and finalized our plan to push on to the Salt Lake Temple.

Salt Lake Temple

We took our photographs of the Salt Lake Temple before going into the 6pm session. Fortunately there was a lull in the storm though it was quite cold. This session made four in all which is a record for me for one day. When I used to travel overnight to the London Temple the members of the stake I was with used to do three sessions in a row. Over the years since then all I ever did was one session. That was because the temple was just down the road so I could go more often. Today we got home at 8:30pm after a successful start to our Utah Temples Tour. By taking in the Salt Lake Temple we jumped one temple ahead so that on Tuesday we will go straight to to the Jordan River Temple.

The Salt Lake Temple at night

The Salt Lake Temple at night


The Utah Temples Tour continues on Tuesday.
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  1. We will probably make it an annual event if we survive the first time around.

  2. Looks like a great start to a great trip. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it any of the days. I’m looking forward to hearing about each of them, though. Enjoy.

  3. Probably the best idea ever. Looking forward to the last few days.

  4. Oh I wanna go to Salt lake temple too. Look at the picture it’s beautiful. It inspires me to create a painting out of it.

  5. It is beautiful inside also, especially the celestial room. If you do the painting, I would like to post a photograph of it on my blog. I took a look at your blog. Very professionally done. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I live in Salt Lake, but never been in those Temples. But want to say that they look much better than photos.

  7. Great post. These are beautiful pictures of the temple. I think it is cool you did like hit up of different temples.

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