Farmington Frontrunner

I had an opportunity to take a few photographs of Frontrunner when I went to pick Jill up at the Farmington Station. I haven’t been around a train for awhile so it appeared larger to me. I haven’t ridden it yet but I will soon.

The Farmington Station is really a mess in its design. The parking lot is large which is a plus but the passengers have to walk over a bridge and several flights of stairs. Then to get to the platform they have to cross over the railroad tracks at either end of the station. The designers made the best of the situation and Jill enjoys the ride back and missing all the traffic. Check out the video of Frontrunner entering the station from the north.

Here is Frontrunner approaching Farmington Station from the south.

Because I was watching the train I almost forgot that I had to meet Jill…


  1. I agree, the Farmington Station is poorly designed, not to mention the horribly designed “shopping center” that will accompany it in the future. At least we are experimenting with transportation alternatives.

  2. Derek,

    An improvement in the design may have been to build a short subway from the parking lot to the center train station. That would save a lot of walking and would mean that the train tracks would not have to be crossed. The bridge could still be available for those that are leery of subways.

    How would you change the station design and what is wrong with the shopping center design?


  3. The underground is a fantastic idea. I’m not sure how I would make the stop itself better, other than making it more accessible. This can be done, as you mentioned, via an underground passage, and making the most logical path the actual path. For example, some college campuses are starting to observe where students walk and then making changes to the paths, and or hardscape (sidewalks, etc.) in order that all materials might be maximized (concrete, greenery, etc.). I’ve posted my preferred development on my blog ( The planned development has similar problems to that of a mall. Underutilized parking, or too much parking (except for Christmas day of course), it doesn’t lead you anywhere, it is a dead end (the destination is the rail stop, therefore it should lead you through to the destination), and retail and shops don’t work unless they are part of a greater whole. I’ll stop preaching. It works, and will probably still be a nice place (similar to the Gateway).

  4. Derek,

    Do you know where the retail is going to be located? I read a few weeks ago that it is going to be 100 acres. I can see that some might like to ride the train and shop so long as it isn’t for a big screen TV.


  5. Very bad design

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